Restaurants in Alamo CA

Everyone from simple food lovers to absolute food connoisseurs will not find Alamo lacking in dining options! Here are some of the restaurants that you should definitely try while you’re exploring Alamo.

The Peasant’s Courtyard
3195 Danville Boulevard

Opened by Chef Rodney Worth, The Peasant’s Courtyard features a modern take on traditional “peasant fare.” The menu features European and American classics, from appetizers to main courses, with their own dash of Chef Rodney’s flair. Be sure to try out the chef’s favorite: the Mt. Diablo Omelet, with mushrooms, Linguiça, Jack cheese, and fresh spinach. The Peasant’s Courtyard has a fantastic breakfast menu that makes it a top morning destination. Have fun with their “build-your-own” omelets and Green Eggs &Ham.

Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant
3168 Danville Boulevard

Get a taste of Mexico in Alamo at Don Jose’s Restaurant. An East Bay institution, Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant first opened in nearby Castro Valley in 1979 and has been serving delicious and authentic Mexican fare (with a Don Jose signature touch) ever since. Feast on tacos and their popular grilled chicken nachos. Don Jose’s offers a fun and casual dining experience for friends and family, and offers catering services for events.

The Brass Bear Delicatessen
190 Alamo Plaza

The Brass Bear Delicatessen has been serving the best sandwiches and salads in Alamo since the 1980s. A family-owned and operated business, the Brass Bear Deli’s menu features all-time sandwich classics as well as house specials. Try out The Grayson, with its premium roast beef, salami, avocado, and Havarti on Dutch crunch, complete with lettuce and mayo. If you’re a vegan, the Brass Bear has a veggie sandwich made just for herbivores like you. The Brass Bear also sells meat and cheese by the pound, as well as a wide selection of imported beers, wines, coffee beans, and spices.

High Tech Burrito
120 Alamo Plaza

Burrito lovers unite at High Tech Burrito not only because of their love for this food, but because High Tech Burrito allows its customers to make their own burrito for the ultimate burrito experience. Play with different combinations from their selection of the freshest and finest ingredients in Alamo. In High Tech Burrito, you get to eat the best burrito of your life and have fun at the same time.

This is only a sampling of what Alamo has to offer! There are definitely more restaurants to tickle your taste buds, serving everything from pizza to barbecue to sushi.

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