Schools in Alamo CA

Within Alamo’s boundaries are three schools that fall under the supervision of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD). These are: Alamo Elementary School, Stone Valley Middle School, and Rancho Romero Elementary School.

Alamo Elementary School
Located at 100 Wilson Road, Alamo Elementary School consistently ranks as one of the best performing schools not just in Contra Costa County, but in the whole state of California. Founded in 1876, this elementary school is one of the original members of SRVUSD. From its beginnings as a rural school, Alamo Elementary has transformed into a top-tier suburban school attended by around 400 students. Some of its campus features are 17 classrooms, a science laboratory, and a computer laboratory. Aside from its academic programs, the school is known for its support of its students’ more artistic endeavors and offers extensive art, instrumental, and vocal instruction.

Rancho Romero Elementary School
Located at 180 Hemme Avenue, Rancho Romero Elementary School was one of the schools selected by the California Department of Education as a California Distinguished School. It has won several awards and recognitions from various award-giving bodies for its core academic programs and nurturing environment. Rancho Romero not only offers special programs for its students, but keeps its students busy with various activities and events scheduled all throughout the year. Rancho Romero places utmost significance on its parent-teacher partnership, as the school believes that parents and teachers should work together to help the students achieve their goals and meet (or even surpass) the school’s academic standards.

Stone Valley Middle School
Located at 3001 Miranda Avenue, Stone Valley Middle School is recognized nationally for its academic excellence. This educational institution has been named a California Distinguished School and a National Blue Ribbon School, a testament to its excellent instruction and programs. SVMS encourages its student body to achieve holistic development through various programs. After school sports are popular and the school’s numerous enrichment programs cater to its students’ different interests. Artistically inclined students are welcome to join PTA Reflections, while math whizzes are encouraged to join Math Olympiads. There’s also a program for students who are interested in jazz music. For the school year 2014-2015, Stone Valley offers elective classes in Forensic Science, Robotics, and Media Graphics.

There are also several pre-schools in Alamo.

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