Recreation & Family Activities in Walnut Creek CA

With Mount Diablo as your backyard, what’s not to like about Walnut Creek? There are many options for hiking, biking, golf, tennis, swimming, and team sports. There are activities for every interest year round. Winter brings out the hopeful Olympian in everyone when Walnut Creek on Ice opens in Civic Park.

There are no excuses for anyone to complain that they are bored when they live in Walnut Creek regardless of the season. The winter blues are chased away when Walnut Creek on Ice in Civic Park opens when the weather turns colder. The Chevron Family Theater Festival is a much-anticipated event that is a collaboration with Chevron and brings dozens of live theater performances for a day-long family festival. One of the largest festivals in Silicon Valley is the Walnut Creek Chamber Art and Wine Festival that annually draws more than 100,000 visitors. There is always something to do in Walnut Creek. Below is a list of some of the community’s most popular events and attractions:

  • Walnut Creek is a great hub to cycle to the Berkeley Hills and the San Pablo Reservoir.
  • The Clarke Swim Center offers after-school programs, swim teams, and aquatic fitness programs for all ages.
  • The Walnut Creek Skate Park is located across from the Clarke Swim Center. This is a challenging park with lots of features for both street skaters and vertical skaters.
  • There are 22 parks in Walnut Creek with reservable picnic areas.
  • The Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation is a volunteer group that is dedicated to the preservation of the thousands of acres of open space.
  • Take the dog for a walk at the Heather Farm Dog Park.
  • Walnut Creek has over 20 locations that house soccer fields and 16 baseball fields both within the city and nearby.
  • The city also has equestrian facilities and tennis courts.

Activities in Walnut Creek

Every Sunday, Contra Costa Certified Farmer’s Market shuts down several city blocks for an open-air market that brings together locally grown produce from California farmers, live music and fresh organic meats and seafood.

Walnut Creek also has an impressive arts community. It would be no surprise to be seated at a table in a restaurant next to a renowned artist, author or actor. The Civic Arts program offers amazing opportunities for creative learning, ballet, opera, and theater. The Lesher Center for the Arts is a highly regarded venue for both its facilities and programming. Patrons can attend the ballet, music performances or enjoy an evening of drama.

For more information on this vibrant community and its various events and attractions, do not hesitate to contact Realtor Julie Whitmer today!

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